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Translation of Financial Statements

We are a professional translation agency located in United States. We are in business many years and have wide experience translating documents in many fields.

We provide certified translations of financial statements performed according to the standard inspection regulations as customary in Israel (Israeli GAAP), banking documents such as bank statements, tax forms, paychecks and more. We can convert the amount listed in these statements to US Dollars.

We have in-house translators who are Hebrew native speakers from Israel. When contacting us we will be happy to talk with you in Hebrew and answer any question you may have.

For more information please call: 407-286-5978 or e-mail us at: mail@translation-bbt.com

  • Thank you for your services. I really appreciate your prompt correspondences and actions. I will certainly remember you for my future translation needs and spread the word to my family and friends.
    - Karen
  • Thank you so much for working so fast with my papers. I am extremely pleased and grateful to work with you, very responsible, patient, friendly... If I have to work with you again, I will be happy to do it. And for any future work with someone I hear who needs it, pretty sure I will recommend.
    - Olga
  • Dear Ruth, That is so kind of you. I REALLY appreciate it... As I said in previous emails, I will strongly recommend your service to others (both in Israel and the United States)...
    - Ann

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