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We are a translation agency located in the United States and offer accurate, reliable and fast certified Hebrew English translations of many documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificate, divorce certificate or any other certificate for immigration (USCIS), diplomas and transcript, high school diploma and Teudat Bagrut for any educational or employment purpose. Also we offer certified and notarized translations of legal documents such as contracts, claims and court cases. We offer medical translations and financial translation of banking documents or paystubs, tax forms as form 106 and any other type or kind of document.

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Order a Hebrew English certified translation from us and you will receive the following:

When you order a certified translation, the translator certifies that the translation is accurate and complete. So when you order a Hebrew English certified translation you will receive a perfect, word for word translation. The translation will be inserted in our letterhead, given a serial number and will be accompanied by your document and the affidavit of accuracy signed by the translator. The translation will bear our raised seal and stamp.

We also offer notary services. The certified translations can be notarized.

Translation Services Offered

Translation Services

  • By the way, I just wanted to say what a pleasure it is to work with you! I never could have gotten this business off the ground without knowing that I have such a fabulous translator on my team. And I appreciate all you've taught me about the history of the ketubah. I've sold 6 this week so far, so hopefully there will be much more business to come!
    - Mike Smith, CEO Company

special offer save 10%

When you order a translation of more than one document we offer 10% discount of the order.

We know that when you need to have a translation of many documents done at once, the process can be costly. Therefore, we are here trying to help. Order more than one translation of a document and we will give you 10% discount on your order. Also, we do not charge for mailing via regular mail to any address in the USA.

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You can send us your documents for quotation to: mail@translation-bbt.com